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Accounting Business Partner

Koontz & Parkin, CPAs has the capability to help existing businesses, start-ups and real estate professionals develop healthy accounting practices.  Starting a business requires thorough planning. Our firm assists business owners in the formation of legally sound business entities and helps entrepreneurs devise business strategies that help them achieve their goals.  


Business Start Up

If you are starting your own business, there are certain legal and financial steps you must take. Choosing the right business structure is essential for your company’s financial foundation. There are certain regulatory steps you must take to prevent future legal issues. Fortunately, Sarasota tax attorney Jo Ann M. Koontz and CPA Marina Parkin can help by offering business formation services.

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Limited Liability Company (LLC) Tax

A Limited Liability Company, commonly called an LLC, is a fairly new type of business structure that is popular because of its distinct financial advantages, taxation flexibility, and limited liability protection. Our Sarasota based certified public accounting firm Koontz & Parkin, CPAs can help you understand your business structure and taxation options.  We can form or restructure your company as an LLC to maximize the tax benefits and liability protection.  If you are already a member of an LLC, we can help you with our tax planning and tax preparation services.

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Sales or Purchase of Business

Tax regulations regarding the sale or purchase of a business can be quite complex. If you are selling your business, there are many ways of structuring the transaction to minimize your tax liability. Whether selling or buying, you should have detailed knowledge of the various tax regulations and the advantages and disadvantages for each method of sale or purchase in order to reduce tax obligations.

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